July 22, 2013
Changes to BEAR/SPIs - Online Forms to be Down Starting Today, July 22, 2013

There are newly approved changes to the Form 472 (BEAR) and Form 474 (SPI), and USAC will be shutting down the online versions of the forms on today, July 22 to begin the IT coding work needed to reflect the form changes. We were just notified of this shut-down Friday afternoon. Use the following important information about the new form procedures that will be in place over the next few weeks.
  • Today, the new paper BEAR form (and SPI) - dated July 2013 - will be available on the USAC website for downloading. Complete the paper form, have your vendor complete Page 4, and then either mail, fax or e-mail to USAC.

a: To e-mail, send a scanned version of the fully completed form to 'sld-problem-resolution@vangent.com' and put 'BEAR Form' in the subject line.

b: Faxes should be sent to: 1-888-276-8736.

c: The mailing address will be the same as normal and is listed on the form.

Note: Once the online form is available again, the fax and e-mail options will no longer be available.
  • The new BEAR will most likely NOT have type-in capability, but one is being worked on as we write this and we will share a link to that user-friendly form when it's available.

There are three major changes to the paper form:
1) The discount rate must be included in Block 2, column 13;
2) Block 3, Letter "E", a new certification for the Applicant which reads:
I certify that, in addition to the foregoing, this Billed Entity Applicant is in compliance with the rules and orders
governing the schools and libraries universal service support program, and I acknowledge that failure to be in
compliance and remain in compliance with those rules and orders may result in the denial of discount funding
and/or cancellation of funding commitments. I acknowledge that failure to comply with the rules and orders
governing the schools and libraries universal service support program could result in civil or criminal
prosecution by law enforcement authorities.
3) At the very bottom of the form, a new Block 4, Item 27 labeled "Applicant Remittance Information", the applicant now must include the BEAR check remittance information so vendors know exactly where to mail the BEAR reimbursement checks. (Vendors: this also means that you must use this information to mail the check.)
  • BEAR and SPI payment checks will continue to be mailed as normal during this time period.