Lesson Plans to Engage Students

Activity Overview

This activity provides opportunities for reflection on traditional classroom instruction and provides resources for revising instruction for the digital learning environment.

Looking at Lesson Plans Activity

Review the sample lesson plans below through the eyes of a student in these classrooms. How do you think engagement differs in these two samples? How do the lessons affect student learning?

Sample 1

Traditional Lesson Plan.png
Traditional Lesson Plan.png

Sample 2

Now let's take a look at the Designing Toy Cars video and associated lesson plan from the Future Channel.
Designing Toy Cars.png
Designing Toy Cars.png

How do you think students would react to the learning activities planned in this lesson?

TPACK 5-Step Lesson Planning Process

How is teaching and learning in a digital environment different than a non-digital environment?

The teacher in the video below models the TPACK 5-Step Lesson Planning Process developed by Mark Hofer and Judith Harris College of William and Mary School of Education faculty.

Do you have a process for reviewing lesson plans and revising them for digital learning environments? Watch the video below in preparation for revising your lesson.

(Permission to use this video was granted by Judith Harris with the stipulation that the following resources be used together: the video, the 5-Step Lesson Plan Process, and the article Grounded Tech Integration cited below.)

Lesson Plan Activity

Follow the steps shared in the video to revise your lesson plan. Download the TPACK 5-Step Process template. This document provides the steps in the lesson planning process.

Resources for Revising Lesson Plans for the Digital Teaching and Learning Environment

The resources below are optional but may be useful for this activity.

Arizona Technology Integration Model
The Arizona TIM is an updated version of the TIM developed by Florida and used in the first workshop. Both of these models were developed using Changing the Conversation About Teaching Learning & Technology ~A Report on 10 years of ACOT Research published in 1995. Appleā€™s Classrooms of Tomorrow or ACOT is a landmark longitudinal study of technology integration.

Learning Activity Types Wiki
Learning activity types function as conceptual planning tools for teachers; they comprise a methodical shorthand that can be used to both build and describe plans for standards-based learning experiences. Each activity type captures what is most essential about the structure of a particular kind of learning action as it relates to what students do when engaged in that particular learning-related activity (e.g. group discussion, role play, or field trip).

connect.jpg Additional Lesson Planning Resources

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