What Does the New IAM Service Login Mean to Me?
Logging into PowerSchool, SchoolNet, NCEES, and OpenClass is about to be streamlined. The new NCEdCloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service accounts will provide teachers, students and staff one login to these four resources, plus the new LMS (Instructure Canvas) and Learning Object Repository, fulfilling the initial promise of one Home Base login. Home Base users have logged in through PowerSchool while awaiting the IAM Service’s implementation. That will no longer be necessary once the Service is integrated. Between now and July 6, the date the new single sign-on goes live, please follow the latest IAM Service updates in the Biweekly Update. This will help you prepare for the login transition. Users may currently visit the NCEdCloud IAM Service website for information, and here’s how to prepare for your first IAM Service login:

  • The NCDPI encourages districts and schools to have at least one LEA Administrator before everyone else in the school claims his or her account. This is usually the Technology Director or lead technical person for the LEA or Charter School.
  • NCEdCloud accounts are currently available and LEAs and Charter Schools can begin providing students and employees account access as soon as their processes are organized accordingly. Account claiming through the Workflow process should begin with key technical staff who would then request privileged roles like LEA Administrator, followed by teachers and other faculty, and finally by students.
  • Each user will confirm a username and password (see Claim My Account video; link below). Teachers are granted continual access to all their students’ accounts, providing them permissions to aid students with login assistance and password changes.

Rollout Order for Claiming Accounts:
  1. While users may claim their accounts any time between now and July 6, we urge the designated technology leaders (e.g.Tech Directors) to first Claim their accounts and then request the LEA Administrator role. (An “LEA Administrator” is the person identified by the school administrator/principal to have access to all staff, faculty and student accounts.) This gives technical and instructional management time to organize account claiming for their faculty and staff on a timeline best suited to each district’s or school’s calendar.
  2. Once the LEA Administrator notifies the school’s staff and faculty to proceed, teachers may then access their own accounts through the Claim My Account process.
  3. Next, Teachers will be notified by their LEA or Charter School administration when to assign Student Accounts. Teachers can assign Student Accounts once their personal account is claimed, according to their school’s calendar.
  4. LEAs and Charter Schools may decide, at their own discretion, to allow grades 6-12 Students to self-claim accounts or issue accounts directly to these students the same as grades K-5 (see: For Teachers and Staff on the IAM Website).
  5. Student logins to PowerSchool will employ a new URL after July 6. Rather than using …/public, students will access PowerSchool with a …/student URL.
  6. Parent logins to PowerSchool will remain unchanged, as they will not be using the NCEdCloud IAM Service..

Watch the Claim My Account Video to learn how to set up your UID and password. For more information, visit the NCEdCloud IAM website and click Getting Started!

Continue to follow the Biweekly Update for links and more instructions and the latest news about the new NCEdCloud IAM Service.