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Home Base - IIS Webinar - So You're Interested in Opting Into Home Base

Home Base IIS Webinar For Teachers and Administrators - So You’re Interested in Opting Into Home Base (04-24-14) from Home Base on Vimeo.

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Home Base Opt-In Form - The Process Is Simple
Beginning next school year, some components of Home Base will continue to be available to all districts and charter schools at no additional cost. These include PowerSchool, TestNav, Educator Evaluation and state-level professional development. If your district or school wishes to continue to have access to the remaining components of Home Base, you will need to opt in at a cost. An information sheet on how to opt in to certain Home Base features has been shared with each school district and charter via email from State Superintendent June Atkinson.
So what all do you get when you opt in?
1. The Instructional Improvement System (Schoolnet): With Schoolnet, you will have access to curriculum and instructional tools, assessment tools, and reporting tools. You can find or create resources, group students for differentiated instruction, and schedule lessons, units and materials. You can find or create assessment items and create assessments that are aligned to the NC Standard Course of Study, run reports to create views of data that suit your specific needs, and view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to see data about your students, schools and district.
2. Instructional Resources: Currently, there are more than 16,300 state-vetted instructional resources, 1,100+ SAS Curriculum Pathways instructional resources, 8,600+ Online Learning Exchange (OLE) science and social studies instructional resources and 2,000+ instructional resources from the NC Department of Cultural Resources. There are also more than 25,400 state-created assessment items and 9,100+ state-purchased assessment items available in Home Base. The work to enhance the content continues so the number of items will continue to grow in each grade level and content area and items will be kept up to date. In addition to these state-provided resources, districts, schools and teachers can upload or create their own.
3. OpenClass: You will also be able to utilize the OpenClass platform, Home Base’s collaboration and course management system. OpenClass is a place for teachers to manage and deliver instruction and for students to engage collaboratively with each other and their teachers, to get homework assignments and submit their work and to have threaded discussions. Students, teachers and classes will be set up in OpenClass through an automated interface with PowerSchool.
4. Local Professional Development: You will be able to create and administer local professional development courses as well as track and report Continuing Education credits at a local level in the same system your educators will be using for the state-level professional development offerings.
MORE INFO: Here is the direct link to the quick-and-easy opt-in form: http://forms.ncpublicschools.gov/home-base/home-base-opt-in.

Professional Development System Launches in Home Base
The professional development tab inside the Educator Effectiveness online tool is now active. The professional development catalog is now live, enabling educators to sign up for available professional development modules. The catalog will continue to grow as new learning opportunities are added. New modules will be loaded by July 1.
Additional information about navigating the professional development system is available here:
http://reg2-techdir.ncdpi.wikispaces.net/Home+Base+Updates You also may listen to a recording from the Professional Development System Overview webinar at https://vimeo.com/87813848.

Updates and Resources on the Web

Home Base Webinar Schedule

Home Base Overview

Your Home Base Toolkit

  • Find detailed and general overview slideshows to share with your staff
  • State Superintendent's vision for Home Base
  • Dates for upcoming webinars, training and events
  • Latest training news and regional training dates
  • Tips for getting ready
  • Style Guide for communicating about Home Base
  • Resource Samples – Resource samples by content area are available for educators to use athttp://www.ncpublicschools.org/homebase/content/samples/. These resources have been reviewed and approved by educators and are aligned with the Common Core and Essential Standards.
  • Number of Resources - A document that provides the number of resources available to use by content area and grade level. To view the document, please visit http://www.ncpublicschools.org/homebase/content/numbers/.

Resolution to Common Home Base Access Errors (also shared in August 1 Updates)

Please see the Home Base weekly update attached here. A portion of that update deals with a "Resolution to Common Home Base Access Errors." There are links inside of the PDF that take data managers to a simple powerpoint that walks them through fixing access issues step by step.
Because some of you may not be subscribed to the newsletter, we wanted to make sure you also got this information. Please let Neill know if you are experiencing problems after performing the fix.

Are you ready for the Home Base rollout?

Check out resources on the Home Base website to help administrators and educators transition to Home Base and PowerSchool. Some of the new material includes:
- A page that provides a variety of material to guide districts in their implementation of Home Base - http://www.ncpublicschools.org/homebase/getting-ready/implementation/.
- Training materials for the PowerSchool portion of Home Base - http://www.ncpublicschools.org/homebase/training/materials/.
- Information about groups and partnerships that support the implementation of Home Base - http://www.ncpublicschools.org/homebase/groups/.
- A document that explains how NCDPI uses the NC Summary Rubric to identify and evaluate online quality instruction for Home Base - http://www.ncpublicschools.org/homebase/content/rubric/.
In addition, take a look at the Home Base Biweekly Update to see the latest news on Home Base at http://www.ncpublicschools.org/homebase/updates/biweekly/.