Nov. 28, 2011

Back Channel

Notes from today's meeting are posted here for future reference and for those who could not attend.

Ed Chase, NC Education Cloud Manager
  • Content Filter and Firewall is a free opportunity. 41 LEAs and Charters have taken advantage of it.
  • UNC School of Government is partnering with the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and MCNC to deliver two programs:
    the Leader for the 21st Century and the Certified Educational Technology Officers

John Warf, Connectivity Services
  • Take advantage of the Firewall and Filter services being provided through the cloud. It is funded through school connectivity.
  • Remember the best argument to continue funding is high usage
  • If your under contract now, think about using it for the devices going home with students

Jeannene Hurley, E-rate
  • The application window for FY 2012 Form 471is scheduled to open at noon on January 9th and close at 11:59pm EDT on March 22, 2012
  • Get those 470's submitted

Gail Holmes, TOL


Kayla Siler, Online Testing

Darlene Heath and Pam Pruitt, MCNC

LEA/Charter "Share-Out"

  • There's lots of great things going on in Region 2! You all are busy bees! Continue to share those strategies that work and those that don't work so that we all may learn from each other. THANK YOU for all you do!!!