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is an online back channel room where you can use a live stream to make comments and ask questions to provide valuable feedback to presenters in order for them to sharpen points and address audience needs. Please use this resource to assist your colleagues and presenters to enhance your learning experience during today's meeting. The room will be monitored regularly and feedback used accordingly.


9:30 – 9:45: Introductions (DPI/Cloud/Overall LEA)
9:45 – 10:30: NC Education Cloud Update (Phil Emer & Dave Furiness)
10:30 – 10:40: Break
10:40 – 11:35: NC Education Cloud Update (Dave Furiness & Phil Emer)
11:35 – 11:40: Break
11:40 – 12:30 NC TECHNOLOGY READY presentation (NCDPI, led by Neill Kimrey)
12:30--12:45: Break
12:45--1:00: E-rate Update with Jeannene Hurley
1:00--1:20: Online Assessment with Kayla Siler
1:20--1:30: Q&A

Email for IIS questions:
Or, email Dr. Sarah McManus at

From Neill: Submit your questions and feedback to
Email questions or comments to

Phil Emer, NCSU, The Friday Institute, Director of Technology Planning and Policy,
Dave Furiness, MCNC, Director - Client Network Engineering,
Neill Kimrey, Director Instructional Technology,
Sarah McManus, Learning Systems Director
Barry Pace, Connectivity Services Manager, E-Rate Specialist (Regions 5,6,7,&8), 828-460-1937
Jeannene Hurley, E-rate Specialist (Regions 1,2,3,&4), 252-624-9878
Kayla Siler, Policy and Planning Analyst,

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