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Our Collaborative Planning Document
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E-rate and Tech Plansfrom Barry Pace
  • Funding Year 2012 (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 Priority 2 Services) the Priority 2 services you request(ed) on your Form 471 had to be addressed in a written draft dated prior to the date that you submitted your Form 470 for Funding Year 2012 (The last day to submit a Form 470 for Funding Year 2012 was February 21, 2012.) You should forever maintain a copy of your draft plan dated prior to the date you submitted your Form 470 this year (If you are applying for Priority 2 services of course.)
  • Funding Year 2013 and beyond you can (again prior to next year's 470 submission) draft an amendment to your approved plan if needed to add Priority 2 eligible services. So while it is important that you address stuff that you might apply for in the Priority 2 category of services (Internal Connections or Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections) it is what it is for Funding Year 2012 and you can amend for Funding Year 2013 even after it is approved by the SBE.
  • You can reference your current approved tech plan (approved through 6/30/2013) for Funding Year 2012 if needed (if it addressed the Priority 2 stuff you are applying for this year.)
  • It is encouraged for you to go ahead and include at least a sentence or two addressing refresh/maintenance of internal connections (and cost projections to do so) as a best practice anyway.

PRC 15, rev 26 posted

NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey
The 2012 NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey will be administered March 26-April 20. When a teacher or administrator contacts the Help Desk for access codes, the Help Desk sends the codes electronically. In order to ensure successful delivery, we will be testing multiple email delivery mechanisms over the course of a few days from
To that end, we have two email delivery systems we will be using - the server itself, and a commercial sending service - If you are in charge of your school or district's IT services, please ensure that any emails from ( and from and (marked as 'on behalf are allowed through during the duration of the survey, from March 26 – April 20. if you have any questions, please contact

Ann Maddock

Senior Advisor, External Affairs
New Teacher Center
Phone 919.600.4945


IIS RFP PostedMarch 1, 2012
Many of you have asked about the status of the Instructional Improvement System. The Request for Proposals was approved this week and subsequently posted on the NC ITS IPS site. You can access the RFP here: For more general information on the IIS, please visit

Next Generation Assessments: Why online?

North Carolina has provided online assessments since 2005 when the administration of the computer skills test was completely online. The goal is that by 2014-15, all assessments will be administered online; this includes a new generation of assessments for grades 3-8 and high school subjects, as well as the SMARTER Balanced Assessments that will be online in 2014-15. Moving to an online delivery of assessments aligns with efforts already underway to provide online instructional resources, online formative and benchmark assessments, and online training and professional development for teachers. One other important reason that North Carolina plans to transition to online assessments is to take advantage of computer adaptive testing. As a governing member in the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, North Carolina plans to adopt the common assessments developed by the consortium, which are being designed in a computer adaptive format. A brief overview of the latest information on North Carolina’s online assessments can be found . For more information on the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, please visit . Questions on online assessments may also be directed to Kayla Siler at
From the Superintendent's newsletter March 6, 2012

Technology Planning Presentationfrom our October New Director's Boot Camp