Resources for drafting your LEA/Charter School Technology Plan

Technology Planning

The State Education Policy Center (SEPC) has a database of state policies and other educational resources curated by SETDA.

2014-2016 Tech Plans

For those of you with a current state approved technology plan, we will be using the same technology plan template for 2014-2016. To simplify the process, you may want to copy your current technology plan and update with Goals and targets planned for 2014-2016. Add draft to the title page and a date, which must be before your form 470 is submitted.

For those of you who do not have a current state approved technology plan, please utilize the following tech plan template. 2014-2016 Tech Plan Template

Adjust dates at the top of the columns to reflect 14-15 and 15-16 school years. Remove goals and targets that will have been completed by the end date of the currently approved plan. Update or revise goals and targets that will still be in process, making sure to include any projected Home Base targets (high-level implementation details, professional development activities, funding sources and evaluation methods for effectiveness). To accompany this 2014-2016 plan, Neill wants a 2 page (maximum) narrative on how you will be rolling out Home Base. You may want to utilize the two Priorities that specifically target Home Base in the updated template as the basis for this section.
  • 1. Statewide Shared Services Model
    • Promote/maintain innovative funding model by utilizing NCEdCloud offerings, Home Base and/or comparable alternatives
  • 3. Statewide Access to Digital Teaching and Learning Resources, Including Digital Textbooks
    • Utilize procured resources such as NC WiseOwl, Home Base and other open education resources

To enable adequate review and feedback, I will need a draft of this plan in electronic form by COB November 1st (sooner to expedite your timeline). Feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Suggested Timeline for work:
September - October 2013

Update current plan with the addition of Home Base OR Create new plan with the addition of Home Base
On or before November 1, 2013

Send draft to me by COB November 1, 2013
November 2013

Reviews by connectivity and myself- Comments/Suggestions Sent Back for revisions
December 2013 - March 2014

Take to your local board for approval
April - May 2014

SBE Approval Process
June - July 2014

Update local board concerning SBE approval

The NC State School Technology Plan

Seven Action Steps, The National Education Technology Plan

2012-2014 LEA/Charter Technology Plan

Drafting Your NC Technology Plan

by Donna Sawyer

Accountability and Curriculum Reform Effort (ACRE)

Priority 1 - A Statewide Shared Services Model (Resources)
Innovative Budgeting
Infrastructure: Access and Enable

Priority 2 - Universal Access to Personal Teaching and Learning Devices (Resources)
The Research on Personal Teaching and Learning Devices

Priority 3 - Statewide Access to Digital Teaching and Learning Resources, Including Digital Textbooks (Resources)
Digital Content
Open Education Resources
NC WiseOwl
NC Virtual Public School (NCVPS)
LEARN NC Digital History Textbook

Priority 4 - A Statewide Model of Technology-Enabled Professional Development (Resources)
Teacher Training
Integrating Technology Using Classroom Instruction That Works
Technology That Works wiki

Priority 5 - 21st Century Leadership for ALL Schools and Districts (Resources)

Special thanks to Donna Sawyer for helping to pull this information together! :)